Well, I Never Expected That!


Well as some of you may know, I'm a bit of a Springwatch follower and share a lot of my photographs with them through Twitter, Facebook and the Flickr group, on the basis that there are a lot of like minded folks who may like to see what I see nature wise...  

 I never expected this though!

 I've corresponded with members of their Digital Team for some while and a few weeks ago arranged to pop in and see them to just say 'hello!' whilst they are at RSPB Minsmere.  We sorted out the final details or where and when earlier this week....  Wednesday, after lunch, at the BBC Springwatch compound on the reserve.

 On Tuesday morning, I received a very unexpected message from Laura Howard, the Digital Producer:

 'How about we pop along to the Story Developer's truck around 3, to have a chat with presenter Stephen Moss?' 

 Well after a bit of spluttering and rubbing my eyes, to make sure I was reading it right, I agreed, although I have to admit, I did have to ask Laura again later, that it was real!

 Wednesday dawned and Hubby and I set off for Minsmere and after lunch I went along to the BBC Compound, where Laura gave me a brilliant tour and explained how everything fits together to make both Unsprung, the Springwatch programs themselves and also how the Digital Team manage and monitor all the 'stories' coming from the live camera feeds and share on the various social platform.   The amount of teamwork, hard work and planning that goes on behind the scenes to bring us these programs on a daily basis is absolutely astounding!

 Laura introduced me to the other members of the Digital team and also to Stephen Moss, who was to do my interview. Stephen is a naturalist, author, presenter and TV wildlife producer.  We had quite a chat in preparation for the interview - he's a very interesting and knowledgeable fellow and I was put quite at ease!

All set and ready to go, we went back to the Live Cameras truck, only to find that gremlins had snuck in and there was no sound working for the live commentary.  After a while, it was decided that I would come back the next morning, unfortunately, Stephen couldn't be there, however it was lovely meeting him and Laurence Whitaker, whom I've corresponded with at length over time, was to interview me instead. 

The day wasn't over yet though, I still had one last point of call, a place in the Unspung Audience!  I had a brilliant afternoon and evening and went off for supper with a huge silly grin!

Image courtesy of the BBC.

Next morning arrived and posted on their website, I saw this:

Image courtesy of BBC Springwatch.

 Yikes!  it was really going to happen!

 I met up with Laurence and Martin Poyntz-Roberts in the Live Cameras truck, we had a quick talk through what was going to happen, sorted out headsets and then suddenly I was live, one small voice, talking about nature, my photography and hoping that I didn't trip over my words (it was all unscripted) and could manage to get across my delight in all that I see... 

 Image courtesy of  BBC Springwatch 

Left to right: Martin Poyntz-Roberts, Myself and Laurence Whitaker.

 Interview over, hubby and I spent the rest of the day wandering (the camera came along too, but that's another blog!) around Minsmere, with me in totally silly grin mode!

 If you would like to have a watch and listen, my interview is amongst the 'Clips' on the BBC Springwatch website, hope you enjoy watching and listening as much as I did doing it!


Image courtesy of  BBC Springwatch.  








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