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Recent Wanderings.....

  Well over the past couple of months, chances to go a wandering have been somewhat hampered by the weather, with very strong winds and a considerable number of very wet weekends...  To say that natur e is somewhat confu sed, would be an understatement, for most of January and into February it was quite mild for the time of year, with only a few cold snaps recently occurring.     Fortunately, there have been a few bright sunny, if somewhat blustery days, so chores abandoned, boots on, camera in hand and well wrapped up, out I went for a few tours of my local patch.  All of the following was observed during January and February.   One of the first things I noticed when walking through the top part of the woodland, was the emergence of the fungi I had sought during the autumn.  'Turkey Tail' brackets, small clumps of toadstools on mossy logs, blooms of resupinate fungi, slime molds and plenty of Jelly Ears appeared.  Many of the toadstools would be there one day and gone the