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A Mixed Change in Season...

  Well this week has finally seen the temperatures drop with the arrival of single figures and even the first frost. The arrival of autumn this year, certainly on my home patch, has been a little muddled, with plenty of sightings of summer species remaining out and about for far longer than I recall in recent years; for much of September and October, it was at least mild, if not positively summery on many days and only really began to cool down in the later weeks of October.   In September and October, after the fields had been harvested, I had a few wanders on my local patch to see what was still about.  One morning in mid September, I was up at dawn, as I knew there was a good chance of it being bright, but on the misty side. I also had a fancy to see 'who' was about that early!  I took a stroll along the woodland margin and I could hear the birds singing, however, they were well undercover in lush foliage, it was a real mix of colours, with the burdock seed heads in shades