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Wot No Frogs? February 2020 Local Patch Update (Updated)

  No Frogs… Second week running I’ve been up to the little pond in the woods and they are still not there.  I am hoping that they are running late – last year the Annual Frog Ball, with reasonable attendance, took place the last week of February, despite the pond having become extremely shallow; currently, after all the rain we have had, it is back to it’s proper levels, with the water clear and dark.   The Frogs on my tiny pond in the garden however have been singing away amidst the remnants of last year’s grasses for the last few weeks. Whilst I stood near the pond in the woods, waiting in case my footsteps had alerted any amorous amphibians to dive amidst the ripples, there was a fierce cold wind whistling past me from across the field outside, I put my hand upon one of the slender tree trunks. The base of the Tree was sturdy and still, yet its’ crown was swaying and flexing in the wind.  Through my hand I could feel the muscles and fibres within vibrating and flexing with the mov