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A Chance Encounter

  Well on a cloudy Good Friday afternoon, I decided to have a little wander on the local patch, as I fancied a 'catch-up' to see how Spring is progressing after a couple of weeks absence. It was very overcast, but not too breezy and was reasonably mild, so I set off along the usual path through the top part of the woods.  There were two wrens 'declaring' on separate bramble patches, so I stopped to see if I could catch a closer look - no luck, they were both on a rather loud, high speed patrol of their chosen territories.  As I stood peering hopefully at likely spots that they might perch, I saw something scooting up a nearby tree; a busy Treecreeper on the forage.  At certain times of the year, particularly during the spring and early summer, there are quite a few about busily collecting food.  There are plenty of 'holey' trees, although I've yet to spy where they may nest. After watching it forage and spiral at speed up the tree, until I could no longer