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Brown To Blue To Green..

   In early April, the shades of winter brown began to be clothed in hints of green.   Green fuses, tender leaves and blossom began to appear everywhere, sunshine, a little rain and blue skies with warming temperatures had began to waken my local patch.... Out for a stroll on a sunny day just after Easter and I could see the difference in my local woodland as everything decided to cautiously start growing again. My first point of call was the base of an old tree, so far nothing but a little clump of leaves, however, on that bright sunny morning, I found my first Celandine of the year - this particular plant has been there a long time and always seems to be the first in bloom of the many Celandines throughout the woodland. Nearby, a pair of Robins were busy flitting about, giving an occasional song, but also diving into or behind a pile of brash left by the builders (it's next to a construction site).  Keeping my distance, but watching carefully, one of the pair appeared at the ba