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All Change! (But Mother Nature Carries on Regardless)

  Somebody slammed the brakes on…  There was me with so many plans for this year of where to go and what to watch and then suddenly (with good reason) the world closed in.  Gone was the comforting un-thought about everyday routine, suddenly the rumblings in the news had changed all our lives and a rapid adjustment to the new normal of working from home, staying in, staying safe and dodging an unseen deadly enemy was needed.  With cancelled plans and wishes scattered around, instead of taking my little Local Patch for granted (as we often can with the nearby and convenient) it has given me a chance to watch the woodland and meadow wake up properly from the winter, noticing the little changes from week to week; so here is a slightly overdue local patch catch up for March – I have seen rather a lot, so April is covered in a separate blog! When I last wrote, the Frog Ball had just finished and I had begun to notice the first Primroses appearing and then blooming. Along the woodland m