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Bit of a Butterfly Fest!

  Well Hello there! You may recall that in a previous blog   I mentioned that summer seemed to be off to a late start,  well on my local patch, during July and August,  things finally caught up.     Whilst all the birds are busy raising young and also, in most cases, going through a moult, during the summer months I tend to focus on the smaller creatures which appear.  Our non-feathered companions, such as spiders and beetles can give some folks ( including me) the heeby-jeebies, however since I have been taking a close up view, (ok, from about two metres away, with a big lens!) not only have I become less fearful, but I have also seen how beautiful our minibeasts are.    There are no spiders here though!  Instead I had a browse through my diary and was surprised at the number of different types of butterfly I have seen this year, which, whilst all are familiar  (and common) species also included a couple of new ones for me as well!   The 'local patch' habitat consists