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Big Garden Birdwatch January 2018

Well I seem to have blinked and a year has disappeared! This year, I managed only one #Biggardenbirdwatch, we were at my Dad's on the Saturday having a belated Burn's Night lunch to celebrate his 90th birthday, so all attention was on the Birthday boy and not on his garden birds, although a Wren was spotted in the Philadelphus along the fence during lunch!   Next morning, I filled up the bird feeders; I use kibbled peanuts and sunflower hearts in one, fatballs in two others and a standard 'high energy' seed mix in two others.  Once I'd got my cup of coffee and camera to hand, well wrapped up, I settled on a chair just outsode the back door to watch and count.  The weather was markedley different from the previous day, cold, but with sunshine and quite a bit of blue sky, it was quite breezy from time to time as well!   The first birds to arrive, in the Hazel at the end of the garden were the Blue Tits, three of them.  One paused amongst the catkins, watching the