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Drifting Into Autumn

  Drifting into autumn… Gradually the heat of summer faded into balmier days and whilst still a little reticent, some of the local wildlife began to appear again.  I previously mentioned mentioned about late butterflies,  but from August through to October, apart from a few Comma butterflies out basking and a couple of fresh looking Small Heath,  it appeared the Butterfly season had finished for the year – not even a late Red Admiral was seen.  Dragonflies on the other hand could still be seen – a few Migrant Hawkers continued to buzz around the meadow, as well as Common Darters, who would settle for a brief while.  The birds on the other hand were beginning to make themselves known again.  Over several weeks’ walks, I will admit that I heard more than I saw, however, tantalising glimpses were had of a young Chiff Chaff, as well as Whitethroats still foraging,  The Nuthatch and Treecreeper were both glimpsed foraging in ‘their’ corner of the woods – the Nuthatch being regularly heard