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2018, A Year Starting and Ending With the Letter 'O'

  Well I thought I’d had a quiet year….  Then I started to review my nature diary and realised there were so many moments of utter delight , sometimes at ‘firsts’ but more often than not at watching our familiar everyday extraordinary Creatures; I have tried to pick (for me) the most special memories, so settle back and join me in some of my special moments of 2018! In early January, I decided a trip to the Brecks was in order… I’d heard rumours of something rather special, so thought I would try…  Arriving just at the right time, I spent a happy morning watching a young Otter, d oing Otter things ,  in a river in the English Countryside.  My wonder at watching this beautiful animal was no less than when we had seen our first ever Otters up on Mull i n 2017 and the very silly grin lasted a long time! During January it was soo cold!  We also had snow, which saw the garden cafĂ© become very busy!  Whilst I did my Big Garden Birdwatch  on a fine sunny day, there were also days when