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Not Quite Spring, And a Lot of Robins!

  After a few weekends stuck indoors with inclement weather and a bad dose of the sniffles, I finally managed a bit of a stroll on my local patch the other weekend. The weather forecast had been for bright, sunny and (almost) warm weather, however the sun was intermittent and the temperature was still south of the double figures predicted!  Nevertheless, I was pleased to get out into the fresh air and stretch my legs! I have been hearing, not only the Robins which regularly visit my garden, but also those that have territories just inside the woods at the top of the road.  Sure enough, as I walked up, there was one singing from the top of the hazel and just inside the woods, in the tangle of Blackthorn, the usual resident was hopping up and down between the branches and a particular patch on the ground.  Distracted for a moment by a scrabbling - two squirrels chasing through an old Hawthorn,  I turned my attention back to the Robin.  He was concentrating on the leaves, which seemed