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Now It's Really Started!

  Well over the past few weeks, the season has changed and spring really is in evidence all over my local patch.   Inside the woodland areas, the Bluebells have rapidly gone from being little green shoots, to buds and are just about bursting into bloom.  Just before the Bluebells began to open, the floor of the woodland was and still is covered in tiny white stars - the Wood Anemones are in flower.  If I walk early on in the day, they are all closed, but as the sun gradually filters into the woods, they open their little heads and shine. Here and there are little pools of bright shiny yellow as the Aconites open - this little clump, which grows in the bole of a tree is nearly always the first to open.  There are still more to bloom as across the woodland floor there is a carpet of their new leaves. Where it has been relatively dry, none of the Wood Violets have appeared, although there are plenty of young Garlic Mustard plants, Wild Garlic and in places, Stitchwort.  The Primroses ar