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Autumn Things!

  Over the last few weeks, autumn has arrived in a burst of colour on the Local Patch  so I thought I'd share some of what I have been seeing on walks at the end of October - there were a few gloriously sunny afternoons, which were also quite mild, so I simply HAD to get out and about! The woodland canopy was still holding tight to the leaves, which had kept the 'floor' on the dry side.  I had been hoping for as colourful a selection of fungi as I saw last year, however, a lot of the old wood had gone and there has been very little about. Last year there were a lot of Purple Deceivers, assorted Russulas and even Orange peel fungi.  I did find a few, one tucked away in a tree bole and a fairly large crop about 8 foot up a tree trunk, there have also been a few bracket fungi starting to appear as well.   Hidden away!   Up a fallen tree, parts of which are still growing.  Something has been snacking on this and I also noticed the amount of insect life it was attracti