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Summer is Creeping In!

  Over the past few weeks, I've been taking a few evening walks on the Local Patch in the evenings after work.  Summer is slowly starting to make an appearance, although the meadow where I walk, is taking a while to get growing and flowering with the stop/start weather we have recently had. The first flowers to bring some colour, were the buttercups, which bloomed (and are still blooming!) in bright swathes and provided food for many bees and the occasional butterfly or moth.   Through the Buttercups -  both the short and tall varieties grow in the meadow here .   On one evening walk, I managed to spot a 'first' for me, a Latticed Heath moth, which would rest down in the grasses.  There have been quite a few 'micro-moths' about around many of the patches of nettles too.  Latticed Heath moth .    The first signs that things were getting busier has been the reappearance of many insects.  There have been an abundance of scorpion flies, soldier and cardinal beetle