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Big Garden Birdwatch 2015

  Well the other weekend, I set myself up in the garden, well wrapped up against the cold, to watch and count the birds visiting my garden.  On one side of the garden, there is a big bay tree and a nectarine tree, which have feeders placed here and there amongst the branches.  I sit up near the house, on the opposite side with a cuppa and the camera and watch the regulars coming and going.  The feeders contain kibbled peanuts and sunflower hearts, fatballs or  a standard birdseed mix with some dried mealworms added in, all of which, when it is cold, disappears at a steady rate.  There is also a small pond and a birdbath where the birds drink and bathe.   We have a regular flock of sparrows who congregate in the honeysuckle at the end of the garden and chatter away until mealtime when they move up near to the baytree and then take turns at the feeders, often with one coming down first, then calling the others to join รข                   €‹  €‹   There appear to be a good 2 dozen of