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Sometimes Wishes Come True...

The other weekend, on a short break on the Suffolk Coast, I had a bit of a moment…  Maybe it was the warm weather or… well anyway I got to thinking about the contents of my wishlist; so this is not the usual wander around with me and about what I saw, it is really about sharing some of the moments of delight from the birds and animals on that list and how they came to be there.  It’s not all about the photography in other words! Many of you who regularly read these blogs will know that I get great delight from watching our ‘everyday’ birds or wildlife, with the occasional ‘Woohoo!’ moments when I get to see something new.  I don’t generally go off on jaunts just for a tick on a list, in fact, beyond having a ‘life list’ which is more out of curiosity of what I’ve seen than for record - a 'tick' does not suffice for me, I like to be able to observe and learn about whatever I am watching, by watching it! The only real list I keep results from sparks of curiosity and imagination