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Spring Things on the Local Patch.

  Since Easter, rather a lot of  'Springy things' have been appearing on my local patch, so here is a selection from my Nature diary of what I've been seeing.   Early signs that Spring really was about to get started were the appearance of Lesser Celandine flowers and dainty white Wood Anemones; as the woodland floor began to green-up, there were bright spots of these delicate yellow and white flowers Lesser Celandine Wood Anemone   Another hint was that  some of the birds had started nest building, this one was taken back in February of a Long Tailed Tit pair - I watched it's construction over about three weeks and at one point in March, did see Mum or Dad peeping out, whilst either brooding or waiting for the other to return with food for the youngsters.  Going by timescale I think a brood may have been successfully raised and fledged, although I have not seen a little troupe in the surrounding trees and bushes.   (The photo was taken with a long lens and croppe


  Well hello there! It's been a while, but was waiting for the tadpoles! Just inside the woodland, where I go a-wandering, there is a little pond, where every year in the Spring, the local Frogs have a bit of a get together.  Frogs tend to return to where they were spawned, following a trail of familiar scents.  Adjacent to the woods are houses and we certainly have our share in either the front or back garden, as well as in our own little pond.  Often when it rains, they can be found hopping across our road or in our front garden.  In my back garden, there are plenty to be found around  the pond and during the summer we end up with lots of tiny frogs in the lawn.   Back in mid-March, I went on one of my usual catch-up-on-the-local-patch strolls and had noticed a little bit of activity in the pond, which with slightly milder weather, had become smothered in chickweed.  On this particular morning, the chickweed was looking rather lumpy and moving, so I went closer for a better