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Winter Into Spring...

  I seem to have blinked and a few months have rushed by....  Needless to say, whenever I have been able, I have been out watching around my Local Patch and have seen quite a lot over the past few months; so please do get comfy with a nice cuppa, suitable biscuits and relax and join me on a wander through winter arriving to spring trying to arrive... In early November, I had a walk out on a bright sunny afternoon. There was still quite a lot of autumn colour about and along most of the hedges, many of the smaller birds were making the most of the sunshine and remaining insects that were about. There were Dunnocks and Chaffinches  as well as a fair few Blackbirds, who were busy feasting on the Sloes  Of an evening, I had heard Fieldfares passing overhead and also suspected that the flock of Redwings I had seen the previous year may also have returned - they were extremely elusive then and I suspected that they would be again! As I followed my usual route through the woods, the Jay