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It appears Spring is Springing!

The past couple of weekends have seen a change in the weather - windy, bright and a lot sunnier, so I went and had a bit of a walk around the local patch of woodland and farmland that I frequent.   The first thing I noticed was the amount of new greenery that had appeared - all across the floor of the woodland bluebells are starting to shoot through the leafcover as well as primroses in places and ground-ivy, the latter were just starting to flower the weekend just past. Bluebell Shoots     Ground Ivy Primroses Just inside the woods there is a small pond, which is mostly filled with leaf mould and old branches; the water is much deeper this time of year and surprisingly clear, although when the sunlight gets on it, there is a good deal of chickweed.  Once the plants in the wood start to shoot, the ground is warming up - likewise the pond is too.  Whilst there are no fish, it's inhabitants start to wake from the depths or wander in from nearby gardens.  The other weekend, there we