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It Started with A Comma

April… It started with a Comma.  In early April, after the snows had gone and the weather started to be a little warmer and brighter, spring suddenly arrived with a rush and as blossom and fresh greenery began to cautiously emerge, so did the Butterflies. Comma Butterflies (amongst others) will find places to hibernate during the winter months and can sometimes be seen on milder winter days.  This was the first one I saw this year, basking in the sunshine to warm up before fluttering off to try and find food and a mate. Around the same time, a small number of Small Tortoiseshells appeared, along with Peacock Butterflies. One afternoon, I watched Small Tortoiseshells basking alongside Peacocks, every so often both species would flutter up and joust mid-air as they competed for a mate or territory.  I would have to wait to see if any were successful in their searches for a partner.  As the month progressed, Holly Blues could be seen fluttering busily about with a few fresh lookin