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Moments from 2017

  Well I've been browsing through my 'Nature Year' and there have been quite a few special 'Nature Moments', both on my local patch and further afield, so I thought I'd share a few of them here...    The early part of the year was a bit on the quiet side, although I had a good Big Garden Birdwatch    both in my back garden and also an improvised one on a couple of days away   On my local patch, things ticked over quietly until March / April time, when along with a first sighting of the Local Common Lizards,    I also got to watch a pair of Treecreepers courting for a while.  (Given that I usually see just one, a pair was something of a treat!) and a few weeks after watched one collecting nesting material.  Around this time I aslo saw a few early butterflies and also got to watch a pair of Long Tailed Tits nest building, whist being 'Chiff Chaffed' at by one of the many Chiff Chaffs which had returned to the local patch.     In April, we spent