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An After Christmas Stroll

  Well after the hub-bub of Christmas, I decided that a little wander on my local patch was in order.   It is an area of farmland with a couple of patches of woodland; the woodland comprised of oak, beech, chestnut, ash, hazel and alder with a couple of big spruce trees as well.  Along the edge of the woods there are an abundance of brambles, hawthorn and blackthorn, as well as plenty of elderberry bushes.   It was a lovely clear sunny day, albeit a little on the fresh side!  Anyhow as I entered the woods I was pleased to see a possible old acquaintance on the little pond, a grey wagtail. I'm not sure if it is the same one as I've seen previous years, however one is back after a long absence A further surprise, along the edge of the woods, was my first sighting of a Marsh tit -  seen them elsewhere, however never before on home territory!  I have seen Coal tits up there, as wee as currently having a pair visiting the feeders in the garden, however the Marsh tit is a first!