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Moments From 2016

  Well, just where has this year gone? It seems to have gone by in a flash!   I decided to have a browse back through my nature diary and at first, I thought I'd had a 'quiet' year on the wildlife front, however as I refreshed my memory, I found I'd added nine new birds to my life list as well as a few more insects to my invertebrates list.  I don't keep an annual list, simply a life list of all the species I get to encounter, so I was pleasantly suprised!   ( I have tried to summarise by month and I have been hard pushed to leave things out, so where there are phrases highlighted, I have linked back to previous blogs for more detail.  I have also put together a selection of favourite sightings into an album over on Flickr in date order - there is a link at the end of the blog if you wish to pop over there and have a pictorial wander through my year! )   2016 started with a very mild winter and on my local patch many of the plants I don't usually see until