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A Trip to RSPB Lakenheath

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25/02/2015 - 19:09

Back in January, we decided to have a trip to RSPB Lakenheath Fen, in Suffolk.  The day was bright, crisp and rather chilly - the frost from the morning still being about well into the afternoon.  The reserve is a mixture of fenland and woodland, surrounded by farmland with a river running through it. 

As we drove into the carpark, a sparrowhawk flashed low across the front of us, in hot pursuit of a late lunch, the start of a promising afternoon.  

Just outside the visitor centre there are feeders and a waterway, I have never seen so many Reed Buntings in the open before - usually I'm lucky to get a glimpse when they hop up out of the reeds.  They were basking in the sunshine as well as visiting the feeders.


As we followed the footpath towards the first viewpoint, there were a fair few rooks too-ing and fro-ing between the fields the otherside of the railway line and the trees, very cheeky and very loud!


When we reached the first viewpoint, there were a few folk about, all looking somewhat delighted.  On asking why, there were a good number of Bearded Reedlings feeding close (talking a few metres away) on the tops of the reeds.  Well!  We've hoped to see these on our trips to Norfolk (RSPB Titchwell) and to the Suffolk coast (RSPB Minsmere) before now, but have never been lucky enough to do so; this particular afternoon however, they were the stars of the show!  


After a while, we tore ourselves away and carried on walking - continually hearing them and catching glimpses of them in the base of the reeds as well.  Silly grin mode or what!!

We headed on towards the new viewpoint, passing a reedbed and fen where the surface of the water was still mostly frozen.  This had not deterred a pair of mute swans from a rather cold lunch and bathing session.  

When we reached the new view-point, we were treated to another first, a pair of Cranes, a long way off (and really beyond the range of the camera) over the back of the field.  I understand that they have become regular visitors to Lakenheath and whilst we watched, one of the wardens did drive out to put food down for them, although when Hubby was chatting to him later, he did say that the local geese compete for the food as well!

A record shot only of these two..

Whilst we stood peering at the cranes through the late afternoon haze, we were treated again to lovely views of a male Bearded Reedling feasting in the reedheads in front of us.  

As well as a very graceful flyby from a Mute swan, heading across the river...

After a gentle stroll back to the visitor centre - it had started to turn icy again - I had one last stop to admire the Reed Buntings, who were making the most of the last of the afternoon's sunshine.

This lady was in the reeds right outside the door!


After a very pleasant afternoon's stroll, which included 2 'firsts' in the nature diary, we shall definitely be returning later in the year!  

Full sellection of images from our trip here


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